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  ¡VIVA! [defined]:
  • Used to express acclamation, salute,
    or applause.
VIVAwebDesign.mobi [defined]:
a design firm, with a passion
to express web design as art,
mobilizing web sites to excite mobile-web users,
inciting acclamation and cheers from our clients
& inspiring their customers.

we’re a web design company
specializing in mobile web sites
& we're leading a movement:

  • engaging mobile web users with an accessible, easy-to-use web site
  • professional communication, on a personal-level
  • customized services, Industry-leading solutions
  • helping your customers find you from anywhere, always
using the latest HTML5+CSS3 we will help you to envision and then create a complete solution, including:
  • » web site development
  • » corporate branding
  • » internet marketing & advertising
  • » news, blogs, events calendars
  • » admin & intranet portals
  • » advanced ASP.NET programming
& through our partnerships:
  • » web & email hosting
your website is your

to the World”

how do you want to present yourself?

let us show you how we can utilize our Internet expertise to help you develop the brand identity of your dreams!
the Internet market is changing, rapidly.

Users are moving while they browse: more than 58 million Americans already browse the web on their phones.

Reaching these users requires a new methodology, an engaging & exciting mobile presence - possibly a new mobile site.

The time is now.

Have you looked at your current website on a smartphone?
We can help you create an impressive mobile site.

Learn more about the state of the mobile web on our
¡VIVA!blog: A State of the Mobile Web Address

based in Santa Cruz,
& supporting
our World
from the beautiful
West Coast.
with our focus on
local business &
community projects, we’re working to
the mobile presence
of local small businesses
through our
we are able to
accommodate any
of your design needs,
no matter the scale

we want it to be easy.

  1. Fill out our online quote for a quick estimate on a custom ¡VIVA! Solution

  2. Contact ¡VIVA! to learn more about how we can help you lead your mobile web revolution

  3. Like us? Support ¡VIVA!

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