adXplore's Mobile Advertising Revolution

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Local Santa Cruz businesses now have an amazing opportunity to compete with National Chains, with a new mobile App called adXplore.

AdXplore is establishing itself as a leader in supporting the

Think Local - Buy Local
movement by providing the missing
Search Local
functionality. AdXplore lets you search the advertising from locally-owned businesses near you, wherever you are - on your smartphone or online.

Local consumers are searching with their mobile phones right now for your product or service. The Mobile Phone is replacing the Yellow Pages. And just like the good ol' days of the Yellow Pages, when a customer starts searching they are usually ready to buy.

Mobile advertising is a new medium, and the former methods don't work well. Squeezing web banners onto small phone screens is not effective, and neither are advertising blasts - which is now more than often regarded as spam or junk mail.

Enter adXplore, providing searchable ads that are location-based, and there when we want to use them.

AdXplore drives economic growth into local economies!

With a goal to provide locally-owned businesses a cost-effective way to advertise that gives them a competitive advantage over the national chains and out-of-town retailers, they've made it so that a person can ask their phone:

"This is where I am, This is what I want to buy; show me the 25 closest locally-owned businesses who can sell it to me. Then tell me how to get there."

Push vs. Pull Advertising

Traditional mass marketing "pushes" the same message to everyone within reach. Just think of radio, TV and newspaper ads, direct mail, e-mail blasts, and billboards.

Ads are pushed at you when you don't want them and don't need them, then when you are ready to buy, those ads can't be found.

The opportunity to advertise directly on smartphones is tantalizing for businesses, but to date, the only options for mobile advertising have still mimicked the traditional "push" model of advertising.

2011 is being heralded as "The year of mobile advertising," which means the advertising industry is going to find even more and better ways to push advertising at you‚ on your mobile phone.

Imagine visiting your downtown business district and being able to view only those ads from the retailers close-by.

With adXplore, your mobile phone becomes an advertising search engine that displays coupons from the stores or restaurants just a few hundred yards away.

View all ads within a certain radius or only those ads that meet your search criteria. Locate a store and visit it to redeem a coupon, or bookmark the ads that appeal to you and save them for later.

AdXplore is converting the push advertising model into a searchable, location-based model optimized for mobile delivery.

Simply put, adXplore lets people "pull" in those ads that matter when they are ready to buy.

Think of your phone as an advertising search engine that you engage on demand

Connecting to Customers

AdXplore offers a unique way of connecting businesses with mobile phone users through their network of location-based dealXperts, group affiliates and mobile advertising agencies.

AdXplore's dealXperts work directly with the owners and managers of local businesses. On their iPhones, iPads and Android phones, dealXperts use adXplore templates to create ads and coupons while onsite with their business client.

Then, the businesses have the ability to modify their profiles and ads at any time, with the dealXpert's help, or on their own. Convenient & easy.

How adXplore Works

As a business owner or manager you work directly with a local DealXpert to make a high-quality mobile ad. DealXperts are savvy in-the-know consumers who actually shop at your store and know exactly how to draw in more people just like them.

How to Use adXplore Mobile Advertising App For Local Businesses

Why Local, Mobile Advertising?

With leading industry analysts predicting 2011 to be the breakout year for mobile advertising, chances are your primary customer base is comprised of savvy consumers sporting smartphones, and are avid users of location based services and demand real-time results. If you can reach a potential customer who is near you at exactly the time they are looking for a service you provide, you are leading the social mobile marketing trends.

But that's not the only reason to chose a mobile advertising solution. You are a local business owner or manager and you care about the place where you live, work and thrive. Wouldn't you like to see your local economy picking up speed? Well, with adXplore you can join the local mobile revolution and be part of a movement that puts the power back into the hands of local businesses and consumers.

Gain a competitive advantage over the big boys.

See adXplore in action on the online version of the app:

or download the iPhone or Android versions of the app for free from the app store and android market!

AdXplore in the news:

AdXplore Announces 90,000 New Jobs in the U.S. for People with iPhones

AdXplore To Disrupt Mobile Advertising With Pull, Not Push

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Yasmin Yasmin
Mobile internet is prtety much where it is at, and we are only seeing the beginning, that's for sure! Flexible OLED screens and ever more compact technology means the mobile devices of tomorrow will offer much more than a desktop pc of today.
hoangha hoangha
I haven’t checked in here for a few weeks beascue I thought it was getting boring, but the last handful of posts are really awesome quality so I guess I’ll add you back to my daily favorites. You deserve it mate…
jd g
this is really a cool app!! and it's free - check it out if you live in Santa Cruz!!
Gert Gert
Great hammer of Thor, that is powerfully helupfl!
Mavrick Mavrick
Umm, are you really just giving this info out for notihng?

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