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VIVA’s State of the Mobile Web: Q3 2011
A VIVA State of the Mobile Web
Mobile is becoming critical. Google is estimating that 44 percent of this year’s last-minute holiday shopping will be from smartphones & tablets. But despite recent survey data and predictions like this, most businesses still don’t have a mobile web presence. Google said that even though “the number of advertisers running mobile specific campaigns has more than doubled since January,” a large percentage are still linking to web pages that just don’t look good on smartphones.[1] To help incentivize businesses to create mobile web si... read more

adXplore's Mobile Advertising Revolution
Local Santa Cruz businesses now have an amazing opportunity to compete with National Chains, with a new mobile App called adXplore. AdXplore is establishing itself as a leader in supporting theThink Local - Buy Local movement by providing the missing Search Local functionality. AdXplore lets you search the advertising from locally-owned businesses near you, wherever you are - on your smartphone or online. Local consumers are searching with their mobile phones right now for your product or service. The Mobile Phone is replacing the Yellow Pa... read more

Announcing the SCEP Website
SCEP site
We’re proud to announce the newest addition to the VIVAwebDesign.mobi Design Portfolio: SantaCruzEmergencyPhysicians.com! - - It's a full web design solution. With a fully custom designed web site and mobile web site, SCEP's site represents the flagship of Independent democratic ED Physician Groups representing themselves to the World. - - We started from a blank slate, and delivered a full Corporate Branding package, including a custom logo design: - - The site design is aimed at attracting new talent to the Santa Cruz Emergency Physicians ... read more

the Social Media
Facebook and Twitter are connecting the World. From reviews of what products your friends like to amassing a revolution in a remote country, people are watching what everyone else is doing - and letting that knowledge influence what they do. - - People are much more interested in what their friends think of a product or service than what a random unknown comment may say. While user comments are a great start to building your product/brand image, embedding your business into the Social Media sites will pay off many times over. - - Consider thi... read more

Internet Marketing & Advertising
Media is changing. Your Marketing and Advertising plans must change as well. Money spent on advertising can spin out of control without a carefully considered campaign. There are many options available for online advertising, but they can be overwhelming to navigate. We can help you to envision and manage the most efficient route to maximize your ROI (Return On Investment). - - The "new media" platforms - Newsletters - The most commonly used online marketing & advertising has been the eMail Newsletter, or "eMail blast", which is modeled af... read more

blogging for relevance
why blog? - All search-engines view dynamic content as more relevant, and will place your web pages higher in the results. This means that you will be found by more people = more potential business. - Your potential customers like reading interesting information, and will regard new information as more valuable. When they see that you are actively engaged in providing useful info, especially since your page represents something they were looking for, they are more likely to engage you for business. - how do i blog? - There are many programs a... read more

CMS Admin Portals
What is a CMS?CMS stands for Content Management System, usually a secured admin portal that allows you to login and change the content of your site. - - See Wikipedia's detailed explanation: - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Content_management_system - - Web content can either be: - static:  hard-coded, raw HTML text, or dynamic: controlled by the web server based on the data provided in the admin portal, typically stored in a database - - Why a CMS? - you don’t need to pay a web designer to make updates you don’t need to know HTML or any... read more

The Benefits of the Mobile Web
VIVA Mobile Web blog
As we've found, the data shows that the mobile web is indeed booming, and all businesses should consider how accessible they are to mobile customers. - VIVA’s State of the Mobile Web: a Brief History VIVA’s State of the Mobile Web: Jan 2011 - How Well Do You Know the US Mobile Smartphone User? - 88% of people looking for local information have taken action within a day 82% of smartphone users notice mobile ads 70% have used their smartphones while shopping in-store 39% use the Internet on their smartphones while going to the bathroom [http://w... read more

VIVA’s State of the Mobile Web: Jan 2011
Continuing the research from our Brief History of the State of the Mobile Web blog, we're finding a lot of information from the last couple years that are showing how much the world of media is changing. Unfortunately, the recent data is slow in coming out, most likely since it is changing as quickly as it can be collected... - - Although, it feels like a jackpot when you come across good data. We recently came across an amazingly interesting and visually appealing report recently, The Nielsen Company's State of the Media Jan-2011: US Audience... read more

VIVA’s State of the Mobile Web: a Brief History
We love our mobile phones. We always have them with us. We feel we can’t live without them, and with the way the new smartphones are wedging their usefulness into every aspect of our lives, we likely will become much more dependent on them in the near future. - - The mobile web is booming. - A Nielsen Mobile study in July 2008 found some interesting data, that will provide a nice baseline for today’s analysis [1]: - 40 million mobile subscribers in the US surf the web through a mobile phone each month—checking email, exploring their social net... read more

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